What Woods What?


The Household Essential

Pine is a softwood that is known for its easy to light properties. Pine is the most common firewood in New Zealand & has a moderate heat output. For best use, mix with hardwoods to prevent oily soot in your chimney. All of our pine at Blazing Firewood is sustainably sourced.


The Slow Burner

Gum hardwoods originate from Australia. Gum makes excellent firewood as it is dense and has a prolonged burning time (twice that of pine). Gum has a high heat output and also is clean burning. It does require an excellent hot base to get started. We recommend split pine, boxwood or kindling for this.


Crack, Snap & Pop

Macrocarpa is a medium-density softwood, easier to ignite than gum and longer burning than pine. It is easy to split, which make it great for kindling. It is known to spark and pop. For this reason, it is not recommended for use in an open fire. Macrocarpa is very clean burning.

Douglas Fir

Old Reliable

Douglas fir has a unique ability to shed water. This property makes it suitable for burning during long wet winters. Douglas Fir is a good all-round wood with nice heat output. It burns reasonably long, is easy to start the fire with and to split into kindling. A solid, reliable choice for your home that burns very clean.

Box Wood

Fire Kickstarter

Blazing Firewood sources locally kiln-dried, pine offcuts (untreated timber.) Boxwood is very fast burning and fantastic as kindling. Best mixed with hardwoods or to start your fire. Sizes can vary.


Black Wattle

The Quiet Heater

Black Wattle is a hardwood with origin from Australia. It is an excellent choice if you want a long burning fire as Wattle has burning properties similar to the eucalyptus species. It is excellent hot burning firewood, a great choice for a long night.